Hi there! My name is Mirko

I am a designer, developer, and aspiring songwriter.

I support clients in development, design, strategy, management and creative direction.

I am experienced in development and design of digital products and services. I provide cutting edge websites and apps based on modular and flexible coding.

I am a UX and design thinking lover. I like to work on strategy and research to exploit opportunities with and for my clients.

I aim to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand: my mission is to help clients to create a better narrative through telling stories, providing the perfect locations to host them and share them.

I trust in the importance of teamwork and I build professional teams tailored to your needs.

abstr^ct:groove is a creative production studio based in Milan, Italy. Since 2004 it collected experiments with cinema, arts and hi-end technology supporting the vision of international brands, advertising agencies and production companies.

the challenge

Crafting 10 years of history in digital storytelling. Designing and developing the digital container to host its story. Promoting the relationship between the agency and the industry. Consolidating the presence on the market as opinion leader and introduce the agency as consultant.


Our team consisted of a Visual Designer, UX designer, and Front end developer. Mauro Mastronicola as Project Manager, Valentina Vicini as Visual Designer. I served the roles of Art Director, UX designer and front-end developer.

the process

Our design process can be separated into four main stages:

1 - Bief, listening, undestanding, brainstorming.
I hardly worked with the stakeholders Luigi Pane, Director and Co-founder, and Giada Eleonora Risso, Executive and Co-founder, to get to know the context, trying to list as many elements as I could, finding characteristics, defining areas of interest, and then I clustered my findings into topics.

2 - Research.
I analysed their communicative system and I wanted to get to know their target. I studying competitors, finding the combination of values and know-how useful to build the identity of this agency valuing the human factor.

3 - Ideation.
When I finished to cluster findings from the second phase and I discovered something very interesting to work about...

4 - Test and iterate.


Since its born Abstractgroove focalised its communication on its products but it never spent time telling how it did. Now the target was radically changed from the beginning: they passed the need to talk to consolidate the agency position in the market, to the ambition to consolidate the position as consultant. The tone of voice was radically changed: at the beginning they used to speak directly to final customers, now they needed to speak to their users to generate interest and obtain recognition from the opinion leaders.


I discovered users expected to know more about the way the agency realised its projects.
I knew we needed to attract people not yet involved emotionally. I felt I needed to immerse my self deeply in the context. I organised many interviews with stakeholders recording our conversations. I wanted them to tell me the story of every project, talking about people, impressions, clients, professional and anecdotes. At the end I had many findings to cluster and to turn into insights, but I still felt I miss something. I felt they had not tell me what I really needed to know to turn their projects into stories. I asked them to record them self by their phones, speaking freely about their job, their journey, and I succeeded to find the insights I needed.

We started to craft the stories. In the meanwhile I begun to design and develop the website with Valentina Vicini Graphic Designer. We produced visually efficient solutions, focusing on functionality and interaction at the same time.


In the very first day we launched, our new website registered almost 40thousand visits. In the next 15 days the “impressions” abou single projects we wrote about increased sharply on Facebook and twitter. Press and Media goals went from publications over the most representative magazine and blog on creative advertising and visual trends, such as: Shots Magazine, Luezer's ARCHIVE, AD Week, Fubiz, Creative Review, The Creators Project, Idn, Digital Arts, Lesterbanks, 40Fakes, The Inspiration Room, Jawbone TV, Ad in Italy.