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Thinklouder is an international strategic consulting network helping the creative and media industries engage with their customers through music. They work on marketing promotion, music placement in adverts, films, tv series and other visuals, supervision, licensing, branding and strategy. Over the years Thinklouder has collected collaborations with Universal music, Carosello Records, Kobalt, Nettwerk…

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Full redesign process, re-branding, re-structured UI Architecture, new information Architecture as well as user experience enhancements, brand new Visual Identity and web development. Static and blog pages.

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Websites not well-optimized for mobile devices could be neglecting a frightening share of their users, they’ll stop engaging with a website that doesn’t work well on their device. I worked to optimize the website for mobile devices ensuring that the 'user experience' was as efficient and pleasurable as possible.

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I took a “mobile-first” approach to responsive design because it’s harder to condense a complex design for mobile, than it is to elaborate on a simple design for desktop. That allows to think about what’s really necessary for the design to function. For the mobile view I worked to reduce forms to include only the necessary fields, in order to allow users to navigate straight to their destination

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