Hi there! My name is Mirko

I am a designer, developer, and aspiring songwriter.

I support clients in development, design, strategy, management and creative direction.

I am experienced in development and design of digital products and services. I provide cutting edge websites and apps based on modular and flexible coding.

I am a UX and design thinking lover. I like to work on strategy and research to exploit opportunities with and for my clients.

I aim to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand: my mission is to help clients to create a better narrative through telling stories, providing the perfect locations to host them and share them.

I trust in the importance of teamwork and I build professional teams tailored to your needs.

Think-louder is an international strategic consulting network based in Chiasso (CH), working on marketing promotion, music placement in adverts, films, tv series and other visuals, supervision, licensing, branding and strategy.

the challenge

Full redesign process, re-branding, re-structured UI Architecture, new information architecture as well as user experience enhancements. Brand new visual Identity and web development. Static and blog pages.


I begun working on research, gathering data, and synthesizing that data in order to improve usability. I suddenly understood that I needed to start sketching and prototyping the smallest screen first. I also needed to organize a complex information system, and I worked on information architecture in order to find the right way to communicate the variety of services offered by the company. I took a “mobile-first” approach to responsive design because it’s harder to condense a complex design for mobile, than it is to elaborate on a simple design for desktop. That allows to think about what’s really necessary for the design to function. For the mobile view I worked to reduce forms to include only the necessary fields, in order to allow users to navigate straight to their destination

early design: back end

In order to provide a product suited for my clients needs, I always need to be focused on their administrator skills. In this case I had many kinds of media content: spotify playlist, spotify single track, vimeo or you tube video, video self hosted... I needed to design a single back-end dashboard to manage all these kinds of content.

early design: logo

The idea consisted of created an animated sound-wave effect

early design: portfolio

My aim was to produce a clean and fresh UI, easy to navigate and with a clear information architecture. I focused in creating a well-structured and simple navigation. I catergorized all projects in four main areas, and in the development step I used a masonry layout with effects on hover for images, and isotope animations effects for sorting the projects.