Hi there! My name is Mirko

I am a designer, developer, and aspiring songwriter.

I support clients in development, design, strategy, management and creative direction.

I am experienced in development and design of digital products and services. I provide cutting edge websites and apps based on modular and flexible coding.

I am a UX and design thinking lover. I like to work on strategy and research to exploit opportunities with and for my clients.

I aim to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand: my mission is to help clients to create a better narrative through telling stories, providing the perfect locations to host them and share them.

I trust in the importance of teamwork and I build professional teams tailored to your needs.

We Are Happy was born in 2016 to satisfy the new needs of the communication industry, which was moving in the direction of interconnecting creativity, software development and innovative technologies.

the challenge

The overall goal was to create a coordinate image and to build an identity for this brand new company. We wanted to create an effettive visual communication, starting from the uniformity of graphics and seeking for the right look and feel. We also needed to design a modular clean website. We had many kinds of content, we were asked to make pages easy to host many specific things such as video, galleries, canvas and mini-sites. We built a corporate identity effectively able to promote the brand and separate it from others.


I directed the design and developers team, in collaboration with Mauro Mastronicola as supervisor, Luca Gianmattei as UI designer, Matteo Testa as JS developer, and Piero Babudrio as seo copywriter.