Hi there! My name is Mirko

I am a designer, developer, and aspiring songwriter.

I support clients in development, design, strategy, management and creative direction.

I am experienced in development and design of digital products and services. I provide cutting edge websites and apps based on modular and flexible coding.

I am a UX and design thinking lover. I like to work on strategy and research to exploit opportunities with and for my clients.

I aim to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand: my mission is to help clients to create a better narrative through telling stories, providing the perfect locations to host them and share them.

I trust in the importance of teamwork and I build professional teams tailored to your needs.


Best works come from the ability to truly understand your needs and expectations. In order to build a strategy tailored to your needs and your business goals, I need to immerse myself in the environment to gain an empathic understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. I will start with a simple interview, you will be asked to talk about your work, I will listen and learn from you. After this preliminary step I will begin to study the context and to research.


I will cluster the findings came up in the first stage, analyzing and synthesizing observations to turn them into insights. I will the define the needs you asked me to answer to. I will define your users/customers motivations, wishes and frustrations, identifying opportunity areas. I will asked my self the best way to answer these needs.


Thanks to the solid background built in the first stages, I will work with my team on the generative step. We will select the best ideas by the means of specific tools and we will implement them by prototypes.


I will show you wireframes or storyboards to align ourselves about the design solutions I would like to develop. We will work together to implement the solution found if needed. We will start developing the UI and coding in case of digital products, I will test and iterate the solution found in the other cases.