Hi there! My name is Mirko

I am a designer, developer, and aspiring songwriter.

I support clients in development, design, strategy, management and creative direction.

I am experienced in development and design of digital products and services. I provide cutting edge websites and apps based on modular and flexible coding.

I am a UX and design thinking lover. I like to work on strategy and research to exploit opportunities with and for my clients.

I aim to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand: my mission is to help clients to create a better narrative through telling stories, providing the perfect locations to host them and share them.

I trust in the importance of teamwork and I build professional teams tailored to your needs.

First impression sets everything up

Your clients judge your company on personality and if they identify or connect with you.
Your website is something like a shop window: it conveys an attitude to your clients at the first sight, its look defines your brand personality since the very first moment they come to you site, that’s why it’s so important it looks fresh, stylish, professional, perfectly suited to your environment.

We offer you cutting edge fully responsive websites working on corporate image and creative design in order to convey the right attitude to your clients before they even start reading the content.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a good first impression, you won’t get another chance!

  • branding
  • website design
  • responsive websites
  • custom template design
  • wordpress design
  • ecommerce design
  • blog design
  • company design
  • corporate blog design
  • redesign
  • app design
  • logo
  • visual identity
  • web motion design
  • portfolio design

I mean, is there really any doubt?
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We find your needs and fill it

We provide the solutions you need to start up and make grow your business online: you know your market, we know what you need.
Our mission is to anticipate what your customers might need ensuring elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions. To provide you all the necessary tools to achieve your goals, we need to understand your customers needs first. We will work together to develop the custom solutions, the right tools and features for your company and your business needs, planning the entire user journey and creating intuitive user-friendly websites.

  • wordpress development
  • speed optimization
  • usability
  • theme development
  • font end development
  • website development
  • back end development
  • app development
  • ecommerce development

I mean, is there really any doubt?
Have a look to our portfolio and read what our clients tell about us...

Look means nothing without feel

Steve Jobs once said: “Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

Design is not a solitary work, there is a constant need of feedback and inspiration after each phase, we are focused on UX perspective such as a mindset because we know the importance of the human factor. We’ll focus on your users needs, studying your competitors and analyzing their users behavior. We’ll constantly question your website structure and content to continuously improve the accessibility to guide people to step to the information required logically and pleasantly.

The best website is your site, because it is designed specifically for your customer’s needs.

  • branding
  • visual communication
  • usability
  • information architecture
  • navigation
  • Accessibility
  • fonts
  • color scheme
  • layout
  • usability test
  • research
  • benchmarking
  • mapping
  • interaction design
  • prototyping
  • usability engineering
  • personas
  • scenarios
  • user centered design

I mean, is there really any doubt?
Have a look to our portfolio and read what our clients tell about us...

Is your marketing really effettive?

The success of your communication depends on your ability to find and engage your target. To create and consolidate your engagement with your clients we approach with a full diagnosis of your digital communication, we study your target analyzing your website’s audience, we find your competitors comparing your site or your app to the benchmark equivalents, we plan the mid-term long-term strategy, we monitore
What are your communication objectives? How are users interacting with my website? What they look for? What’s your competitors do? How many seconds users interact with you site?
We’ll work together to answer these questions,

  • corporate storytelling
  • copywriting
  • content management
  • content strategy
  • content design
  • information architecture
  • digital storytelling
  • content writing
  • web communication

I mean, is there really any doubt?
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What’s next?

You were so excited to finally start working on your corporate website, you were ready to invest your money to reach your goals, and you were ready to take time out of your busy schedule to join us too, but the real work starts once that website is up and running: “Where’s our website going?”. The hardest things about having a website is finding the time to manage it. Weighing up all these tasks is not easy.

Consider your priorities, we’ll do it for you!

Managing your website means prepare it for the future growth: we’ll update your website content and plugins, we’ll take you site safe, performing, healthy, we’ll provide daily support, monitoring and training… I mean, we’ll all be there to help you out till you get your legs under you.

  • maintenance
  • troubleshooting
  • training
  • analytics

I mean, is there really any doubt?
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Search engine means strategy

SEO is not guarantee of success for your business but It will contribute decisively to build an effective marketing strategy. We know that your business growth and success depends on strategic planning, execution and ongoing management, and we trust in a comprehensive approach to auditing your website in SEO perspective to increase traffic, to improve your digital presence, visibility, identity and brand, to value your user experience.

We provide SEO audit process to boost your Google rankings, we devise an effective communication strategy, we work on seo friendly content to help you to reach your goals.

I mean, is there really any doubt?
Have a look to our portfolio and read what our clients tell about us...